Q: How was the boundary of the Durango Creative District determined?
A: Our community held an initial stakeholder process from 2018-2019. A committee of approximately 20 community members formed and developed a map of Durango's creative assets, including creative businesses, organizations, public art works, and event locations. They utilized this data to inform their final decision of the Durango Creative District's boundary area.

Q: The boundary area is large! How can this be considered a "district"?
A: Although the boundary area is large, it is connected by the Animas River Trail and is accessible by foot, bike, trolley or car. The committee opted for a larger boundary area to include the majority of Durango's major creative industries and infuse new energy into various areas of town. There's many discoverable areas of Durango!

Q: My business is not listed on the map. How can I list my business?
A: This map was developed by the City of Durango's GIS department in 2019 using information gathered from the Durango Chamber of Commerce, Local First, and the City of Durango's databases. Although this map is not editable by the Durango Creative District at this time, you can list your business/organization on our new Creative Directory by clicking the button below.

PLEASE NOTE: This map was developed by the City of Durango for the purposes of our certification process and is static (uneditable). If you notice your listing is incorrect or is missing from the map, please visit our LIVE Creative Directory at durangocreativedistrict.org/places