Durango Art Brigade


Durango Art Brigade

The Durango Art Brigade is a new temporary public art initiative that promotes Economic Recovery & Resilience, Community Partnerships, Activation of the Social Sphere and Youth Involvement


Durango Creative District, the City of Durango's Creative Economy Commission, Local First, Dumpster Beautification Project and Durango Business Improvement District have formed a partnership in effort to beautify the central business district through temporary public art. Representatives from each organization and Durango artists have formed a selection committee to release an open call to artists for commissioned projects in September/October 2020.


What kinds of art projects are you seeking for this initiative?

The Durango Art Brigade selection committee is currently reviewing feasible sites in the central business district for artists to install custom artworks. We will post the available site locations on this web page once they are finalized.

We are seeking projects that include but are not limited to: Sculptures, window installations, chalk art, interactive 3D art, mini murals, furniture, “green spaces” with plants, light art, beautification of the new downtown “bump-outs” and more!

What is the timeline for this initiative?

August 14 – August 21: Finalizing sites available for public art installations

August 21-September 4: Application opens on this webpage

September 7-September 10: Selection committee reviews applications

September 14: Finalists announced

September 14-September 25: Artists fabricate their work

September 26-October 31: Artwork is displayed up to 1 month, depending on site availability

What will I get paid for my art installation?

The Durango Art Brigade currently has $3500 to contribute to this initiative, pending other donations. Stipends for artists’ time and materials will be determined on a project-to-project basis.

Finalists can expect a stipend for their time in the range of $50-$250, depending on the scope of their project + reimbursement for materials.

Who can submit a project proposal?

This initiative is open for artists and educators of all ages, backgrounds and experience to participate in. If you are an emerging artist/youth/intern, please indicate this in the application form for an opportunity to volunteer with future finalist projects.

If my project is selected, what are my liabilities?

Outdoor installations: In the project application form, you will be asked if you are comfortable with the impermanence of your project. We are seeking projects that the community and visitors can interact with in the public sphere. Depending on the outdoor site, your art may be subject to weather and public interference.

We will connect artists with their respective property managers to address individual solutions for monitoring the final art installations, but neither the property manager or the involved partners of the Durango Art Brigade will be held liable for damaged or lost artworks.

Empty Storefront Installations: If you are concerned with the impermanence of your work, please specify that you would like to install your artwork in an empty storefront only where your artwork will be protected within the site’s windows.

I am a business owner/property manager in the central business district who would like to participate. How can I list my site for beautification?

Great! If you are a business owner or property manager in the central business district who would like to see art installed on your property, please email info@local-first.org with your address to list your site.

What criteria is the Selection Committee using to review projects?

The Durango Art Brigade selection committee is using pre-formatted criteria to make the review and finalist process as objective as possible. Our selection criteria includes:

  • Compatibility with site
  • Engaging/interactive concept
  • Meets a reasonable budget
  • Project can be fabricated in 2 week timeframe
  • Business owner/property manager supports concept

Are you accepting youth volunteers?

Yes! We are looking for youth volunteers to help finalists execute their projects. While the scope of each project will be dependent on selected projects, we are looking to pair 1-2 youth volunteers with each finalist.

If you would like to add your name to the youth volunteer list, please email hayley@durangocreativedistrict.org


> Beautification/painting of Durango Telegraph newspaper receptacles

> Cream Bean Berry: "bump-out" beautification, open project types (1021 Main Avenue)

> Durango Rug Company: "bump-out" beautification, open project types (747 Main Avenue)

> Durango Arts Center: Windows and lower exterior building walls for mini-murals (802 E 2nd Avenue)

> Animas Chocolate Company: small sculpture inside windows; base no wider than 24" (920 Main Ave.)

>Stitch A Quilt Store: open project types (858 Main Avenue)

>Studio &: Custom painting on chalk pyramid in "bump-out" (1027 Main Ave.)

>Leland House: Open project types on sidewalk (726 E Avenue)

> Durango Welcome Center: Installation in southernmost Visit Durango window (802 Main Avenue)

>Empty storefront at 558 Main Avenue: available for installations within storefront

>Music in the Mountains: Sculpture, pop-up furniture, and "green spaces" with plants (515 Main Avenue)

>>>> Do you have an idea for a business or public space that is not listed here? Propose it in your application form!

Durango Art Brigade

Chalk pyramid installation by Animas Craft Woodworks. Project funded by Durango Business Improvement District. Photo by Scott DW Smith, Imagesmith Photo.

Based off the positive outcome we had in December 2019 with the Empty Storefront Project (a Durango Creative District, Durango Business Improvement District and Creative Economy Commission partnership), we are expanding on the concept to include beautification of outdoor areas in the central business district.

Check out the final Empty Storefront Projects that were selected in December 2019 by following the link below!

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