Lost Lake


Ink on panel
18″H x 18″W
Walnut Frame included
Ted Moore

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This painting, now just called Lost Lake, was part of an earlier series of paintings called “Little Worlds.” This is, I feel, the best one of the series and the only one that I really want to put out into the world. I’ve always loved looking at small bits of nature very closely while imagining them at large scale. The series consisted of me depicted small bits of arboreal matter as though they were vast landscapes. This practice is quite similar to the Chinese tradition of scholar rock (a.k.a. spirit stone) paintings. The subject of this particular painting is a small moss covered branch, maybe 6″ long, that I found while camping at Lost Lake in La Plata County. I enjoy how the moss looks otherworldly and the “landscape” otherwise so barren. The ink painting is also covered with a brushed on translucent acrylic gel, something I was doing to give the paintings something like an encaustic look.