About The Durango Creative District Incubator for Emerging Artists

The Durango Creative District’s Incubator Program for Emerging Artists, coordinated by Executive Director Kathryn Waggener and gallery professional and artists’ representative Bekah Kolbe, seeks to mentor new and emerging artists and provide them with a space for what is often their first solo or small group exhibition. Artists go through an eight-week training program in advance of exhibition, with the goal to improve the professionalism amongst visual artists working in and around Durango, and develop an opportunity to increase community and collector engagement and education.

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    We will be reviewing applications for 2023 on a rolling basis, selecting artists for 1 person solo exhibitions or up to 3 person (max) small group shows. The mission of the Incubator program is to offer artists an opportunity to build their resume with well-curated solo or group exhibitions, and build professional expertise in communication and visual display.

    Please note: Exhibition slots for 2023 are extremely limited, and will be 8 weeks long and held at Stillwater Music’s new performance and exhibition space. If you are a business with potential exhibition space or have a relationship with a business that would allow public receptions and daytime gallery talks, please email [email protected]. We will be looking to launch and expand this program simultaneously.